Reindeer Horse Show Series






Reindeer Series
Horse Show 1

Beginer Pleasure:
Haley LaForte and Masquarde was 1st 2nd 2nd and Champion

Kylie Abrego on Popeye was 6th,1st and Res. Champion

Open Pleasure:
Emma Becroft on Cappichino was 4th 2nd 1st and tied Res. Champion

Danielle Pawlowski on Maxamillion was 3rd 4th 2nd and tied Res champion,

Kate Stufano on Honey was 2nd 3rd 6th Short Sturrip: Kylie and Popeye were 3rd 2nd 4th and Res. Champion

Haley and Masquarde were 4th 3rd 4th. Schooling Hunter

Kate and Honey were 3rd 1st 5th and Res. Champion

Danielle and Maxamillion were 4th 5th

Emma and Cappichino were 3rd 5th 2nd

Low Hunter:
Mackenzie Kane and Cappichino were 2nd 3rd 1st and Champion


Reindeer Series
Horse Show 2

Beginner Pleasure:
Kylie and Popeye 2nd 2nd 1st Champion

Hailey and Masquarde were 1st 4th 6th

Open Pleasure:

Kate and Honey were 1st 3rd 2nd Champion

Emma and Cappichino were 4th 1st 4th

Danielle and Maxamillion 3rd 5th 3rd

Short Sturrip:
Kylie and Popeye 3rd 2nd 2nd Res. Champion

Haley and Masqurade 4th 1st 3rd

Schooling Hunter:
Kate and Honey 1st 3rd 1st Champion

Emma and Cappichino 4th 2nd 2nd Res. Champion

Danielle and Maxamillion 3rd 4th 3rd

Low hunter:
Mackenzie and Cappachino 2nd 2nd